Upon acceptance of an offer to purchase, the next step is to contact a title company or attorney to handle the closing paperwork and title insurance. Closing services should include:

  • Preparation of closing statements
  • Prorating real estate taxes
  • Obtaining special assessment information
  • Obtaining mortgage payoff statements
  • Preparation of the deed and Wisconsin real estate transfer return form
  • Recording executed documents
  • Funding the transaction

Normal seller costs include:

  • Owner's Title Insurance Premium
  • Transfer Return Tax
  • Closing Service Fee
  • Deed Preparation Service Fee
  • Seller's prorated portion of Real Estate Taxes for current year

Some additional costs that may apply:

  • Overnight delivery costs or bank wire fees for payoffs or seller proceeds
  • Special Assessment Letter Fees charged by some cities/townships

Many of the fees are based on the sales price, so please call or email for specific pricing regarding your transaction.

Use this link to print our For Sale by Owner Worksheet and Checklist that includes everything we will need to get started working on your transaction:

 Worksheet and Checklist Link